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Owners of all ACA registered canines have 24 hours access to our Ask-A-Vet service and the Veterinary Professionals Database free of charge for the life of their dog. The listed professionals have received a score of 93% or higher in customer evaluations and some of them are also on the ACA’s National Veterinary Executive Board. This veterinary referral service includes professionals in North, Central and South America. To find a Veterinary Professional in your area please click on the link below.

Lifetime Genetic Health Tracking:

As the largest veterinary health tracking registry in the world, the American Canine Association encourages all professional breeders to have their breeding colonies certified free of congenital defects by licensed veterinarians. Eliminating many common genetic disorders not only improves the health of the canine populations, but also the industry itself.

ACA´s blue ribbon panel of nationally recognized veterinary medicine doctors serves as the advisory board for implementing health tracking policies, identifying procedures for addressing health problems, and advising ACA on canine health and behavior issues.

If you wish to have your dog and breeding colonies certified free of congenital defects, download our Health Certification Form. Please advise that this form should be completed and signed by a lincensed veterinary.

ACA Veterinary Questions

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Your dog health is important, please follow your Vet advise and use this service to find quick solutions. For more information about the ACA services, or how to dual register your dog from AKC, UKC, CKC, APRI and other registries please vistit the FAQ link or call ACA at 1-800-651-8332.

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